Cleveland Clinic Event

This is a private event hosted by the Cleveland Clinic, featuring Justin Chenault of NACDC. 

Beginner Maker Sessions

Market House 762 Elma St, Akron, OH

ESL Friendly with CraftyMart


Backyard 760 & 762 Elma St, Akron, OH


Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

NoHi 778 N. Main St, Akron, OH

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony has been a major part of my life since I was a little girl.  Growing up, my mom used to send me to a local store to […]


Golden Time Picnic

Backyard 760 & 762 Elma St, Akron, OH

by Shanti Community Farms

Mobile Vaccine Unit

Exchange House 760 Elma St, Akron, OH

with SummaHealth and ASIA inc

DANCE (Demonstrating a New Cultural Experience)

Backyard 760 & 762 Elma St, Akron, OH

Join us for DANCE class on Saturday, October 2nd from 2-3:30PM to learn KuKu, a West African dance of gratitude taught by Angela Higgins!  Go to the Facebook event for […]